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Independent Dealer slashes the price of diesel!


Sarves hits the headlines again as he cuts the price of diesel in the West Midlands to 98.7p per litre.

A new price war erupted in the Midlands this week, as three Harvest filling stations dropped the price of diesel to 98.7p per litre.

It’s the second time that Sarves has hit the headlines by beating the big four supermarkets in cutting the cost of fuel on the forecourts. Last year he cut the cost of petrol to consumers sparking a price war in the area.

Sarves owns the filling stations in Birmingham, Redditich and Walsall.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail Sarves said,

“I have always prided myself on having the cheapest fuel in the region and this will continue. Now that the wholesale price of diesel had dropped, I can afford to slash it even further. I always said that if the wholesale price dropped then I’d drop my prices too.”