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Harvest Aviation is a new supplier of aviation fuels to the UK general aviation market; we are delighted to be able to offer a highly competitive and efficient delivery service across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The combination of our dedicated storage facilities in Immingham and experienced logistics partner ensures Harvest Aviation can provide a fast and reliable fuel supply.

Our aviation gasoline is produced in Estonia, at the oil manufacturing facility in Paldiski. The oil facility has been accredited with both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 quality standards since November 2002.

Our production of aviation gasoline 100LL is fully compliant with the UK Defence Standard 91-90 issue 3 and ASTM D910 specifications.

Not only are we in full control of our supply chain, but with Harvest Aviation you can be assured of an experienced UK based team, who will strive to meet your specific requirements.

Personal service is an integral part of the Harvest Energy offering that covers all our businesses and now extends to our general aviation customers.


Quality Assurance Statement

Our quality assurance is based on certification at the point of manufacture.

Our comprehensive operating procedures verify that the fuel quality has not significantly altered during transit; and remains within the specification limits during the delivery to airports and ultimately into the aircraft.

The provision and retention of correct documentation is an essential part of this process.

The key documents we have available to our customers are; manufacturing certificate of quality, receipt certificate of analysis and release certificate for each delivery.


pdf_download_icon1. Harvest Aviation Avgas 100LL MSDS sheet (PDF 1.4MB)
pdf_download_icon2. Def Stan 91-90 issue 3 (PDF 144KB)

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